Toremar Ferries to Isle of Elba, Giglio, Capraia and Pianosa

Useful Information

When to present the boarding
Passengers with vehicles are carried at least 30 minutes before departure.

How to reach the port of Piombino
Coming from the north to the A12-E80, exit at Venturina / Piombino / Elba Continue on SS 398 until you reach the center, go right onto Viale Regina Margherita Turn left at Piazzale Premuda near the Terminal Ferries

How to reach the port of Rio Marina
Follow the signs direction of Porto Azzurro - Rio Marina when you arrive in Porto Azzurro, turn left and continue for approximately 6 km Rio Marina

How to reach the port of Portoferraio
Follow the road signs once you arrive in Portoferraio Portoferraio follow the signs Ferry Toremar